Monday, 27 April 2015

Inglot makeup remover ♥

                            Inglot Makeup remover
   Inglot is a polish makeup brand. I've been using their makeup remover for about 2 years now. They have a waterproof version of it aswell for the same price. Oh and it is pretty cheap at £6 for the 100ml bottle. It also comes in a mini size which is suitable for travelling on a plane. It's a great product because a little goes a long way. The consistency of it is quite oily and thick which makes it moisturising, but obviously not suitable for people with oily skin. I feel that it removes my makeup really fast and there is no need to rub and battle with mascara. Inglot have stores in London Westfield shopping centres and I'm pretty sure you can order online as well.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Go food shopping with me ♥

It's always fun to be a bit nosey and see what other people put their fridges. These posts are always simple but sweet when you see them on peoples blogs. This one is a taster of my food shopping experience this week. 

  1.some dolmio pasta sauce for the bolognese
    2. some spaghetti for the pastas/stirfrys  
3.some all purpose seasoning 
4.some tomatoes
5.some milk 
6. some salmon for the omega 3 
7.some Philadelphia to spice up that toast
8. maggi all purpose seasoning

and the finishing products include... 

9. mushrooms for my omelettes
         10. Mince lamb for a bolognese or curry 
          11. and an oriental addition of green tea 


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Friday, 17 April 2015

April Inspirations ♥


so it's now spring and the trench coat is one of my current inspirations this month. I just think that they are so chic and adan element of sophistication to any outfit. I just ordered one from asos and can't wait to put it to use this  spring/summer. double sided earrings are another thing I have taken a liking to recently. They have been on the fashion scene for a while now. Cigarette trousers are also a fashion idea I've been thinking about toying with this Spring. They come in all sorts of cute patterns and prints. I've been stuck in jeans all winter so this should be an interesting addition to the closet. 

Scandinavian countries seem to have captured my interest this month. I'love to visit Norway or Sweden in particular. Along with Mediterranean countries, Scandinavia is my favourite part of Europe. Oh and it is about time I got myself a car. I've been kidding myself that i'm  waiting until I get a graduate job. But to be honest It's probably because I'm too scared to drive on the motorway. 

Seeing as its final deadline/ exam period in a month, the stress is on. Yoga is something new that I am inspired to try, to see if it helps. YouTube is always there for self-learning so there are no excuses. Revision notes and colourful post it notes will feature heavily in my inspirations this month. Call me a weirdo...but I honestly won't study if I can't see any bright colours. One of the most welcoming signs of spring is that fresh smell of air. But the flowers are also just as important. English roses, dutch tulips...they're all beautiful.

London Leopard


Friday, 10 April 2015

A mini beauty haul: Greece Edition ♥

       when it comes to beauty products I'm not so fussed to be honest. I honestly buy makeup about twice a year and that is it. But towards the end of my trip in Greece I somehow realised that I had some extra euros left. The conversion rate from pound to euro is okay but euro back to pound...mmmm no thankyou ( made that mistake in Spain). So I went on a little beauty haul in Greece and during the transit in Athens duty free. 

  (please note: this is not a review as I have not used any of the products yet)

Erre Due refreshing cleansing water, and Erre Due gentle cleansing milk.

Aptiva moisturising face mask with aloe, and Korres cucumber eye mask.

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Friday, 3 April 2015

cocktails ♥

I'm not really a fan of alcohol it makes me feel a bit sick, and is terrible for health. So for that reason I've taken an obsession with cocktails as they tend to be a lighter alcoholic beverage. So this is just a random post about my favourite cocktails consumed.

Some fruity cocktails by the beach in Barcelona, Spain (summer 2014)

caipirinha cocktail in a tapas restaurant, Spain (summer 2014)

very cherry berry cocktail, at a bar in Amsterdam 
               (summer 2014)

This one was called "rainbow something" it is by far the most visually appealing cocktail I've seen. Found this beauty in Malia, Greece during my fieldtrip.
(March 2015) 

The good old cosmopolitan, which I found in a cocktail bar at Sherington Hotel, London Heathrow

Long Island tea, also at Sherington hotel, London Heathrow


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