Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My view on university/College♥

 I think it's time to be a bit old school and do the good old "diary post" every now and then. I thought it would be a good idea to express my thoughts on university so far. I'm halfway through my degree in International Tourism Management, and should be graduating next year. I'm determined to use this degree to become an airline manager.

University so far has been a bit of a weird experience.

Well at this point, I do not feel that I have gained much from uni education wise or development wise. The fees have risen to £9,000 a year but the quality of education certainly hasn't. I can't speak for everyone because maybe it is just my uni or the degree programme. I feel that the lectures don't actually teach me anything. I swear to god I could miss a whole semester, submit an essay, and still get at least a 2:1. Theres a few girls on my course who literally only turn up to around 1 lecture a month. Guess what....they still pass everything. But I will congratulate the business units though. Modules such as consumer behaviour and marketing theory, have actually taught me something useful. You get to study theories that will apply to any type of business in the world of work.

development wise I think it would really help people that live out. But for me I commute and have my own apartment anyway. So for this reason I already have the independence that people try to gain at uni. If i'm honest I just go to uni so that I dont get failed for my attendance. A few other people on my course have said the same i guess i'm not the only one who doesn't see the lectures as useful. Actually scrap that...all of my friends from other uni's have said that they hate it and can't wait to finish. I have a friend "R" who is a very outgoing party girl, and I was surprised when even she said that she hates uni. The main reason i'm sticking at it is to get my degree, and widen my job prospects. Despite this negative experience of uni, I'm still considering going for a masters degree in the future. I'm an ambitious person and always have been. For that reason I am confident that I will achieve something good in life.

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