Monday, 23 March 2015

Memoirs of Crete, Greece- March 2015 ♥

So I've spent the past week in Crete, Greece as part of my university studies. It was a lovely trip and i'll certainly miss the loving Greek hospitality that I was surprised to experience there.

Exploring the "palace of Phaistos" archaeological ruins

Wandering around the coast of 
Agios Nikolaos 
Hiking in the mountains  ♥

picking fresh oranges from orange trees in the mountains 
Score ! at least I managed to get an orange  ♥
and the city...Heraklion Square  ♥

Relaxing with a mini wine on the connected flight back to London Heathro♥ 

"Everixshto yassus" (thankyou goodbye)as the Greeks would say. Well i guess its back to mdx university and a 3000 word essay on "the effectiveness of the Greek state in preserving heritage sites"

urgh...kill me now

London Leopard


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