Sunday, 1 March 2015

Clinique-bottom lash mascara review♥

        Clinique bottom lash mascara review 
    Okay so I've seen this product advertised on many beauty blogs. I am evidently not a beauty expert, but I do reviews to present my opinion on products. I decided to try it out and see  what all the fuss was about. It is actually a very good product.   The bristles on the brush are very small and compact. This means that it is very easy to apply the mascara without leaving any clumps. The downside that I have found with this product is  that it is NOT easy to remove. For that reason I only choose to   use it on special occasions. Our bottom lashes are of very few,  and are delicate! Now I don't know about you ladies, but I for   sure do not want to risk ripping off the very few bottom  lashes that humans are blessed with. Overall it is worth it for occasional use and it's not too expensive at about £15.00.  


                        London Leopard 


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