Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe♥

Sometimes it's a busy week and theres no time for preparing "gourmet" meals. This is one of my simple recipes that can be made in around 30-40 minutes. it's easy to mix up the ingredients in this recipe because you can add prawns, chicken, or any other vegetables that you want. The ingredients will be listed down below at the bottom.

Slice and dice the veg ♥ 

Boil some noodles ♥ 

Allow the veg to sizzle ♥ 

Add some flavour  ♥ 

And...voila ♥ 

                                           INGREDIENTS  ♥                   
                                 beansprouts                sweet chilli sauce
                        sliced carrots              dark soy sauce
                        diced courgette          All purpose seasoning 
                        mushrooms               mixed herbs 
                        snap peas                   salt
                        baby corn

                                         London Leopard


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