Sunday, 27 December 2015

Lush Bath Bomb Haul♥

So the boxing day sales started yesterday, and Lush was my first stop. They have a sale online and in store, with everything being 50% off. I generally love Lush as they sell natural products, but that does come at a cost. So I took advantage and picked up a load of things. 

For this post I will be focusing on the bath bombs...

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
It smells sort of herbal like lavender (which is featured in the ingredients). It also looks pretty, I could imagine how colourful your bath would look with his. So it also contains mandarin oil, ylang ylang oil and bergamot oil.
Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb
Looks perfect for a winter evening dip. This will definitely be saved for a soak after a Thursday 6pm lecture. It smells like caramel and honey mixed together...if that makes sense?
Humbug Bubble Bar
now this is a bit of a strange one, it does not smell how it looks. It looks like it would have a grape/berry kind of smell. But the smell reminds me of Chinese chow mein (which I love). According to Lush it contains Tarragon and Fennel, so that may explain it.
Cinders Bath Bomb
This looks like something I want to eat...seriously. It looks like a passion fruit ice-cream which I had in Switzerland. So this bath bomb smells spicy, and contains cinnamon oil, orange oil, and almond oil.

I also did a video showing some other Lush here to have a look.

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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Winter Exfoliation Essentials♥

Is it just me or has the temperature in London just dropped by 10 degrees over the past few days?. The other day I left my shift at 5pm and literally froze from the icy winds. Well I guess that means winter is finally here. During the winter I tend to suffer from dry skin, and it is actually visible...especially on my bloated lips. So here is a mini guide to a few exfoliating products that genuinely do help to keep the crust at bay.

1. Arran aromatics seaweed scrub
Now this is a good one because you can use it in the shower all over your body (apart from your face i'm guessing). It is a scrub mostly containing sea salt and seaweed. It leaves your skin feeling as though it is covered in a thick layer of moisture. You might want to be careful about scrubbing too hard as well, because I once did this and ended up with a wound. Open wound mixed with sea salt?...I'm sure you can guess what happened next.Ouch.

2. L'occitane hand scrub
oooooh this is definitely my favourite. The lady tried the tester on me in the Regent street branch and I just had to have it. It is composed from brown sugar and shea butter/oil , so I am not really surprised at how good it works. It removes dead skin and definitely helps to soften your hands. It is slightly on the pricey side for a hand scrub (paid around £20), but I guess this is acceptable as it is only for occasional use.

3. Lush lipscrub
This one is 100 times better than that Bodyshop "Lip Scruff" piece of sh*t. I used that once and tossed it out in anger it was that bad. This lush bubblegum lipscrub on the other hand is a little life saver. A little goes a long way and it really does help to remove dead skin from crusty lips. It tastes sweet and smells sweet so I guess that adds bonus points. When I asked for it the lady in Lush told me that they had to remove it from display, because lots of preteens come in and eat all the lipscrub testers.

So I hope this has provided a little help if you are looking for products that actually do work. The bad thing about exfoliators is that the effect generally does not last more than a couple of days. But hey I guess it's better than nothing isn't it?....

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Remember November ♥

Good evening darling.
I thought I would provide a little update of this week. It has been extremely hectic but I am glad that it is over.

Korean Dining 
Tuesday is generally my longest day at uni, but this week I had to skip my 4pm seminar for some group work preparation. My friend suggested that we go to a Korean restaurant afterwards. So three of us went for dinner. I ordered a "seafood bibimbap", which is rice mixed with egg and vegetables.     

Black Friday Shopping 
Yesterday I went black Friday shopping in the afternoon. Seeing as I had to cancel my tickets to Belgium (because of the current situation), I decided to make the most of the day. Bought a couple of bath melts from lush, some aromatherapy oils, and a jumper from gap.   

presentation assessments ♥
There has been two presentation deadlines this week, both with consecutive dates. I did an individual one on Tuesday, and a group one on Wednesday. I hope these next 6 months fly by so I can just graduate and be done.

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Friday, 23 October 2015

The Joys Of Autumn♥

Oh how I love Autumn. The leaves take on a citrus colour, and eventually turn to crisp and fall off. That refreshing feeling of nature when you can hear the birds chirping in the morning. When you leave your house at the start of the day, and you see a squirrel rummaging for nuts through the crisp orange leaves. You can enjoy a pumpkin latte next to the radiator, as you watch the raindrops trickle down the blissful silence.

I love the feeling of keeping your toes curled up in Primark fluffy socks. Sucking in the warmth of knitted sweaters and cashmere scarves, as you patiently wait at the bus stop. Most people in London despise autumn, as it signals the future arrival of icy winds and frostbitten fingers. But not me...I love it. Autumn in Europe is quite a significant season. The preparation for Christmas begins with sales. The cities transform in to a magical sort of land. With different colours of tinsel glistening in every shop window. The smell of ginger and cinnamon, as seasonal menu's return for the run up to Christmas. You can get a candle in so many pretty flavours. On my recent trip to Paris I smelt a spiced apple candle, and it was divine. I guess every season has It's benefits but I love autumn the most...  

                Happy Autumn 


Sunday, 4 October 2015

How to dress like a Parisian ♥

So I just returned back to London from Paris this afternoon. I could not help but notice how chic the french women looked all the time. Parisians are certainly known for their style. They have an aura of glamorous elegance about them, and it is achieved with such little effort. So this post is going to give you a quick insight in to how easy it is to adopt the Parisian style. 

1.Neutral/dark colours in the wardrobe
Parisians women have a very basic wardrobe. The colours they wear consist of black, navy, khaki, grey, nude, and white. Toss any sparkles or joggers into the trash because its non negotiable in a french wardrobe. They like to wear things such as v-neck tees, blazers, shirts, cigarette pants, pointed heels. Don't worry it's not all that boring, the exception of lace and stripes occurs and adds a bit of oomph to an outfit. The Parisians like to dress professional with a touch of casual-ness to the outfit. For example a typical french outfit in the winter would consist of dark skinny jeans, knee high riding boots, a simple jumper, and a trench coat. It sounds very basic but the way they accessorize is what makes the outfit so chic. 

2. Minimise accessories (simplicity)
less is more in Paris when it comes to Accessories. The rule is that you should never have more than two pieces of accessories in an outfit. A simple scarf with a bangle will do, or even a statement necklace on it's own. Handbags are the main accessory of Parisian women, they will invest a lot of money in a a high quality posh looking bag. Large sunglasses are also used as a prominent accessory to give their casual dress sense a hint of class.  

         3. simple hair/makeup
makeup is important to every female regardless of nationality. Without it we just would not feel feminine right?. Parisian woman sport the natural makeup look and still look beautiful as hell. If you want to dress in a more Parisian way, then glitter or tangerine styled foundation is not the way to go. French women like to stick to a very "plain but flawless" style of cosmetics. The picture above should give you an idea of what would be in French woman's makeup bag. All you need is a simple blusher to highlight your face, with some rich coloured lipstick to spice up the look. 

this is to give you an idea of typical seasonal Parisian outfits.

            ...Thankyou for reading :)

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Snippets Of London Fashion Week 2015 ♥

London Fashion Week is something which I became interested in about a year ago. I do sometimes like to update my wardrobe every now and again, but I'm not particularly a fashion conscious person. I feel that you can make anything look chic, as long as you add a couple of bold statement accessories. So I went to London Fashion weekend on Friday 25th September 2015. I went with a Luxe ticket, as I figured that it is better to splash out and gain the full experience as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity...

    ...So upon arriving at the venue the first place I headed to was the Luxe Lounge. As a Luxe ticket holder there were many perks, and as you can see unlimited Champagne was one of them. So I took a seat and sipped on a couple of glasses, whilst enjoying the cute little canapes that were being handed out. We were also given a gift bag full of amazing freebies.

...there were many little clothing racks and displays set up. Lots of designer items were available at a cheaper price. Most of the pieces that I saw were unique, like these shoes pictured below.

and of course the models...

I love catwalk shows, and have always wanted to see one. As a Luxe ticket holder I got a front row seat to a trend catwalk show. It was nice seeing the models prance around on the catwalk with their heads held high. I filmed my whole experience at London Fashion Week including the catwalk, which can be viewed by clicking below:

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bootea detox tea review ♥

Okay so this bootea detox tea has been the rave of instagram for a long while now, so I am quite late with this review. After around three months of seeing it everywhere I decided to pop in to my local Holland & Barrett and give it a try. I did not buy this product with the intentions of trying to lose weight, but to help "clean/cleanse" my insides. I am just going to briefly provide my honest opinion, but please take in to account that everybody probably has different experiences with this product. 

There is an option of two different bootea detoxes which you can get. There is a 14 day detox, and the 28 day detox which is the one that I purchased. The difference is that the 14 day detox comes with loose tea leaf and the 28 day detox comes in pyramid shaped tea bags. The tea claims to help boost your metabolism, and remove toxins from your body. The daytime tea is suppose to boost your metabolism so that you do not feel hungry as much. The bedtime cleanse is supposed to be taken at night before you sleep and takes 8 hours work. 

well honestly I would give it a 3 out of 10. I try to be honest and as unbiased as possible in my reviews but yeah this tea is not for me. I even tried it twice that is how bad it was for me. First of all it smells like feet. You know that smell of a guys socks that have not been changed in like a week?...yeah that is how this tea smells. The taste is a bit strange but it is nothing terrible to be honest. The main problem I had with this tea is the cramps that it gives. Bootea website does warn that cramps are one of the side affects. However this was a lot more than cramps it was as though something was ripping out my insides. The first time this happened I was at work and serving on the quick movements to the bathroom had to be made. This also happened about 15 hours after I drank the bedtime detox (which claims it should take roughly 8 hours). Anyway I mistook it for food poisoning and left the tea alone for a couple of weeks. 

So after rekindling my fascination with the tea again, you can guess what happened?. around 20 hours after taking the bedtime cleanse I had these heart ripping cramps again and rushed to the toilet. The cramps lasted for another half an hour after I had done my "business". I realised finally that it must be the tea causing this. With the daytime detox I started having urine retention problems, and I kept struggling to pee even though the feeling was there. I also mistook this for having a bladder infection or cystitis, but it stopped as soon as the tea drinking stopped. I just feel like this tea is a load of "shehht" and has always left me feeling sick. It did not help with the bloating one bit. I must sound like a psycho drama queen right now but this is 100% true. To cut a long story should all just eat cake for breakfast

have you ever tried a detox tea?

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Bad beauty habits ♥

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♥ Keeping beauty products for long. This is so bad because i'm pretty sure the makeup becomes decayed or crawling with bacteria. 

♥ forgetting to use a heat protector on hair. Girls don't realise how much damage straighteners can actually cause. Protect your hair!

♥ Not washing makeup brushes enough. You need to be washing your makeup brushes at least once or twice a month...they do actually collect bacteria which you are then spreading to your face.

♥ peeling nail polish off. This is not the end of the world, and i'm sure we all do it. However walking around with half chipped nails can make you look a bit sloppy and untidy. 

♥ Biting dead skin off lips. This is probably the biggest guilty pleasure of mine, and it needs to stop. Drinking a lot of water and investing in a good quality lip balm is the solution girls. 

♥ picking mascara off eyelashes. This is actually bad because sometimes you can actually pick your poor eyelashes out :(. Mascara is already bad for your eyelashes as it is, because of it's hard consistency and lack of moisture. 

♥ Not getting trims. We all want long locks but you have to get rid of the split ends that form in order to retain length. If you don't trust the hair dressers then use the "search and destroy" method yourself every couple of weeks. 

♥ touching spots and pimples. I hate spots, but luckily only get them around a certain "time of the month". Touching spots could irritate them and make it worse, by spreading the bacteria from your hands. 

♥ sleeping with makeup on. Most girls are probably guilty of this one to be honest. What they don't realise is that this is an actual cause of spots. Your skin needs to breathe, and your pores need to be free of foundation/powder during the night. 

   what are some of your bad beauty habits?

                                                                                      llondon leopard

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Dear Diary...♥

So today I thought that I would do a diary style post. After all I did create my blog to focus more on my life and memories during my younger years. Yeah I do sometimes post reviews on beauty products and brands but lets be honest girls...I'm hardly a beauty guru and I don't claim to be. So this post is a word for word entry copied from my actual diary today. No names will be mentioned for privacy reasons,a letter code will be used instead. 

Dear Diary, 

today I had a day off work from all 3 jobs so I was happy. I started off the day by making some pancakes. Then I did some of my Amadeus training, went food shopping and booked a dentist appointment. I'm literally dreading going into work tomorrow because it will be hell. I can't wait to hand in my resignation in September. Sticking to just the events work is better for the final year of uni as I can just work every now and again. Oh and It will also stop me getting taxed if I drop one of the jobs. 

Paris is coming up in a couple of months I can't wait. The filthy summer air in London always breaks me out. So I can't wait to go on a beauty haul in Paris, and stock up on some quality beauty products. It's my first solo trip so I'm kind of nervous. People that don't study on my degree seem to think It's weird that I'm okay with travelling somewhere solo. But to be honest why do you always need someone to hold your hand just to hop on a plane and explore?. It's probably going to be really uncomfortable eating alone in restaurants...especially as I don't speak french. But everything is a learning curve so who cares it should still be fun. "J" even said to me today that it is better to travel while i'm young and able. So I've kind of got plans to go do a day trip to Belgium, and a few days in Portugal or Rome in December. 

Come to think of it this summer has been different to the rest. Usually I've spent my summer out with friends drinking all day every day. But this summer I have just been focused on working and making money. It's weird because all my friends are still doing the same things (drinking all the time), so naturally I have become a bit distanced from them unintentionally. It's not that I don't want to's just that everything has to be done in moderation, and I feel like sometimes it is just a waste of time. I would rather work an evening shift at a wedding or corporate dinner and earn money....rather than spend it drinking and then waking up with a headache. My priorities are different now, I'm working to save money because there is so much that I want to do. Anyway I have I have to get up at 5am for my shift tommoro. Kind of sad that "C" is on holiday and we usually work together on Thursdays. Now I am stuck with "S" who is a lazy cow who will spend the whole shift hiding in the corner of the cafe to avoid serving customers. The pressure is on...

                       Rant over...goodnight

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Rituals home and body cosmetics ♥

Rituals is one of the few brands that I am happy to over indulge in, and the price tag becomes pretty much irrelevant. They sell things such as candles, creams, shampoos, diffusers. But they stand out because their products display a connotation of a sort of upper class oriental theme. I love the aroma of their spicy floral scents, and the welcoming entrance to the store with free samples of freshly brewed green tea. 

I have recently come in to contact with rituals more than usual as you can see from my purchases below...
Organic Mandarin & Mint Hand wash
Organic Mandarin & Mint Hand wash
As a female living in a cold country, I've acknowledged that hand wash is important. It is something that is overlooked and people assume that you can wash your hands with anything as long as it cleans the dirt off. Well a bad hand wash can actually contribute to chapped crusty hands. To be honest the ingredients in this hand wash are not the greatest as it contains sulfates which actually strip the hair and skin of oils. So I guess it is something to be used occasionally. What makes it nice is the smell and feeling it brings. It starts off smelling like citrus, and as you continue to rub you start to smell the mint coming out. Your hands are left feeling tingly for a few minutes which is pretty refreshing.   

(from top) Qi stress relief serum, free SPF 30 sun cream sample,  nail polish corrector pen. 

                  Qi stress relief serum
I picked this up as I think that I'm gonna need it, as my final year of university will be commencing in a few months. This is a roll on balm that comes in a green tube. I like the idea as you can rub it anywhere that you want, although the directions recommend the temple area. It has a minty scent mixed with spicy chai tea, and of course leaves a tingly feeling which is supposed to stimulate a relaxed feeling. I guess it does work but the tingly feeling does not last long as it dries out. It would be a lot better if it had an oily consistency, as it would last longer. 

           Nail Polish Corrector Pen
this thing is amazing, especially for someone as clumsy as me(I don't know how I haven't been sacked as a waitress). It is connected to a small brush which releases oily liquid. You literally just brush over the bits of nail polish that you may have smudged on your skin. I know some people may think the cotton bud with nail polish remover is just as effective, but this is a cool alternative.       


                    llondon leopard

Friday, 31 July 2015

Mini Memoirs of Scotland ♥

I have just got back from Edinburgh, Scotland on a mini break. It was a 5-6 hour train journey from London which did not go as slow as we thought. I really enjoyed the trip and will probably visit Scotland again in the future. It's a shame that the weather was bad, so I did not get the chance to take many good pics.

            Here are a few snaps from my trip ...

North Queensferry 
This picture is from the last day. We took a little trip on the train to a village in North Queensferry.
After visiting the aquarium we discovered a path that led to this beautiful coastal area. The scenery was beautiful and made a change from city buildings in Edinburgh.

Noodle 'N' Ice
we stopped off for a lunchtime snack after visiting Carlton Hill. We went to a Thai noodle bar which was called Noodle 'N' Ice. It was pretty weird because they were selling Thai street food, but had some sort of ice cream parlour in the restaurant. Anyway I got this juicy looking chicken satay skewer as a starter.  

Scottish Culture
after visiting Edinburgh Castle we came across this chap on the way out. He was dressed in traditional Scottish attire with the tartan kilt. Don't you just love tartan? I actually went straight to the gift shop after this photo, to buy a blue lambswool tartan scarf.  

                                             Beautiful Architecture
The highlight of the trip was probably the architecture, it was legit amazing. London has nothing on me. Every street has a little archway style alley way with cobble stone pavements. It's looks more like a hidden passage than an alley way. Edinburgh kind of reminded me of the Victorian times, in a nice cultural way. I think I'll come back to Scotland but to visit a different city next time. 

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

life working as an events waitress ♥

I have been employed as an events waitress for about a month now. I have probably worked around six shifts at this point. This line of work certainly was not anything that I imagined it to be and has been kind of interesting. You would imagine that working as a waitress at an event would mean extra stress in a fast paced environment, but this is not the case. Don't get me wrong there are times when the managers will hound you to serve faster but you know what they say (simply take it in one ear...and out the other). I've had the privilege of seeing things that most normal people would not get to. I have worked at a wedding reception in a mansion that had a swimming pool, and worked at Kensington Palace last week. 


             ♥ you see things you would not normally see

             ♥ gain entrance to exclusive events 

             ♥  uniform (sometimes get to wear a tuxedo)

             ♥ the day does not drag on like retail

As with every job there are cons as well. Being expected to carry five heavy duty plates on your arm is one of them. The company does not acknowledge that females are not Popeye. Okay the plates are not that big of a deal but carrying three large tables each really is. There is not a drop of remorse when it comes to heavy lifting trust me. The seasonality of the work is also another problem. I guess most of the work available occurs during June,July, August, and December. That is perfect timing for students like me who just want casual work. But then there is the issue of discrimination which does occur in the modern day. It's all fun and games until half of your booked shifts get cancelled and the other half have your role being switched to a reserve. Then after investigation you come to realise that the older staff, get priority for shifts.

heavy lifting for females

long hours without food

seasonality in the job


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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Models Own: Perfect Summer Nails ♥

Summertime is a beautiful time of year. All the bright colours come out and there are so many ways to express yourself. Obviously as girls we love to accessorize at any opportunity, and nail polish is one of the easiest ways. Models Own hyper-gel range have a great range of summer friendly nail polishes. Unlike many other brands the nail polishes are actually very shiny as advertised. 

There are many beautiful pastel and bold colours, such as the rich turquoise pictured above. I used it to do a cute polka dot design, and have received many compliments at work for it...(even from male customers).  These colours go well with all kinds of skin tones, and especially with a tan. Anyway enough for today. I just wanted to share this range of good summer nail polishes with you ☺. If you haven't already tried this brand it may be something worth giving a go. Oh and they have a deal of 5 products for £20/£25.  

                   London Leopard 


Friday, 26 June 2015

7 uses of coconut oil ♥

 1. hair mask
If your hair is in need of moisture or pampering coconut oil is perfect. All you need to do is melt some in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds. Then slather some on your hair and cover it with a plastic cap. You can leave this on for as long as you wish before washing it off. Trust me you will notice the difference when you run your hands through those new silky locks. 

2. skin moisturiser
Just as well as hair, coconut oil can moisturize skin as well. A little goes a long way. If you do not wish for your skin to be too greasy there is a solution. you can simply add some to your body lotion and stir it in.  

3. in cooking (e.g stirfrys)
coconut oil is used a lot in thai food, and makes an excellent addition to stirfrys and curries. If your looking to experiment with flavouring then coconut oil is a great option to consider. 

4. to reduce appearance of stretch marks
coconut oil makes a better solution to stretch marks than creams. Oil gets absorbed deeper into the skin than creams which is why it is a good remedy to try. 

5. speed up recovery of cold/flu
coconut oil contains lauric acid which has anti viral properties. So when you have a cold/flu, melting some coconut oil in to a tea or broth can help to speed up the healing process. 

6. as a light sunscreen in the summer
many people are unaware that coconut oil can actually be used as a light sunscreen. However this is restricted to SPF levels of about 15. So do not get excited and start slathering it on during your holiday to will probably fry. 

 7.  reduce dark circles/puffiness
many people have reported that massaging coconut oil under the eyes is effective in lightening the dark circles. Rather than wasting cash on "chemicalised" creams that claim to remove dark circles, trying a natural remedy may be better. 

                                          London Leopard 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Pink Inspirations ♥

When I was a child I used to be such a girly girl obsessed with barbies and anything pink. Then I grew out of it and actually began to despise the colour as a teenager. But recently I have actually become attracted to the colour and it's flourescent feminine style shades. I've been inspired by a lot of pink items recently as you can see below...

polaroid camera, micellar water, candle, nail polish, notebook, bodyshop cream, lunch box.

Ted Baker Lunchbox
I bought this within an Hour of Landing in Geneva. It's soooooo cute right? it has the infamous Ted Baker bow, with "let's do lunch" encrusted in gold writing. Well this sounds silly but it's visually stimulating enough to inspire me to pack lunches. The amount of money spent on food at uni and work is a bloody joke. 

Red Berry & Jasmine scented Candle
This candle is £2 from Primark. I was just having a random browse and it caught my eye. It smells just as sweet as it looks, and there are many other scents. I know candles are more for winter, but trust me they do come in handy if you want to watch a horror movie or have a late romantic night. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Micellar water was something I discovered by accident in Superdrug. It's actually an excellent cleanser for the summer, because it's thin and lightweight. It makes a good makeup remover as well without the use of too much rubbing. Call me crazy but the bottle looks refreshing... and sometimes I feel like I just want to drink it. 

Bodyshop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream
This cream has been in my clutches for about two years. It's an excellent facial moisturiser and a little goes a long way. Oh and of course the fact that the cream is pink adds to it's appeal.

P.S Nail Polish
this is a Primark range which I've been hesitating to try. I used to have this same "hot pink" shade from Maybeline costing £8. So the lesson learned with cosmetics is that there is always a cheaper alternative.    


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera
I've seen this Polaroid camera floating around the blogging community a lot. The film is really expensive but the instantly processed bite size images are original. 

this cute little pastel pink notebook has french writing on it. It's really strange, and has pages with all sorts of things. Some are rules pages for writing, some are plain, and some have....squares. But i'm sure that I will find a way to utilise it, because I genuinely like writing

                  Enjoy your day...

                  London Leopard

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Switzerland photo diary: Part 2 ✈

So the first photo diary showed images from Switzerland. However we did visit a couple of French towns during the trip. This included Annecy and Haute-Savoie. It was actually a coincidence that we ended up in Haute-Savoie. We thought that it was part of Geneva until we tried to pay for a cable car ride in Swiss Francs and the man said "10 Euros"...awkward.

Snapping photos of the breathtaking scenery in Annecy. I did not realise it would actually be so hot with temperatures hitting 28 degrees. With London being full of  rain and wind (even in May/June) this was a shocker. My poor stick legs were burning 

enjoying a mango colada cocktail by the canal in Annecy. This is where I realised how significantly cheaper most european countries are compared to Switzerland.

We got to the top of Mount 
Salève in a 5 minute cable car ride. This was the main thing I was looking forward to the whole trip. The views were amazing, and we also witnessed people parachuting off the mountain.

There was a restaurant at the top of Mount Salève. As it was our last day, we figured that it would be better to enjoy a proper meal with views. This was fish with croutons, veg, and chips. 

So that is the end of my Switzerland photo diary. The trip has really inspired me to try solo travel. As a university student I've realised that it's better to travel whilst you're young and studying. I think I will be travelling solo to Paris and Belgium in the Christmas holidays...

London Leopard


Friday, 5 June 2015

Switzerland Photo Diary: Part 1 ✈

Well I just returned last night from my 4 night stay in Geneva. It was a beautiful trip and I can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that I have visited so far. It is not just because of the scenery, but the attitude and etiquette that the local people displayed. I visited both France and Switzerland during this trip as they have an open border. This part of the photo diary will focus on the Swiss areas of the trip.  

Sightseeing and taking photos with statues and monuments. I guess I am very cultural when it comes to travelling. I like to explore the local heritage of a country and try to engage with the local culture.
Trying Swiss food in a traditional restaurant. This is cheese fondue which we tried at the famous Edelweiss restaurant Geneva. Cheese Fondue is a melted cheese sauce which is boiled. It is eaten with small bits of bread which are dipped into the sauce.

 We also took a day trip to Zurich on the train. It was a three hour journey full of countryside views. This picture is from the Swiss National museum, which was our first stop in Zurich.

Well Switzerland is famous for it's chocolate right? So of course we spent some time hunting down chocolate shops for the best deals. I regret not buying these truffles in the picture.

A boat cruise on Lake Geneva. Well one of the main iconic features of Switzerland is it's many lakes. There was no way I was returning to England without a cruise on the lake. It was an hour long with a direct view of the Jet d'Eau.

Well I hope you enjoyed the little snaps of my trip. Part 2 will feature the French part of the trip.

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