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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Things that I Love/Hate Spending Money On ♥

Good quality food
When it comes to food I don't mind blowing cash, if I feel that it can be beneficial for my health. I wish that I could afford to eat organic food but I can't. So I pop in to the organic shop once a month (usually on pay day) to get some organic food. I generally get nut milk, snacks, and sodium free soup. I have started to care more about my health over the past couple of years. 

As you all know...I am mad about travel. the majority of my disposable income goes towards travel. I don't mind spending money on flights, because I would rather spend my money on life experiences than materialistic objects. Does that even make sense? haha. 

Organic health/beauty products
I also try to go organic when it comes to my skin/makeup. For example I use a sulfate free face wash, sulfate free shampoo, and rayon free sanitary towels. During the winter I even use a block of raw Shea butter to moisturise my skin. 

I must be the least girly girl in the world. I don't see the point in spending money on clothes unless you need them. I have actually started selling off some of my wardrobe, because there are so many things that I don't wear.

Toilet roll
This is such a strange one! but...why the hell do I have to spend money to wipe my ass? actually let me rephrase that. Why does it cost so much to wipe my ass?. Toilet paper should not be £2.50. The prices are going up all the time just for a thin piece of recycled paper. 

London underground
Don't get me started on this over priced service. The metro in Spain is better. The metro in Italy is better. The metro in Germany is better. London Underground is just not worth the price at all. The trains are hot (no air conditioning) and very small. But the price goes up drastically every year for what reason? If you are going to keep increasing the price then at least increase the quality of the service. 

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Skopje, Macedonia ♥

It's nice when a friend finally sticks to travel plans and you don't have to go alone. So I had a buddy on my recent trip to Skopje Macedonia. It's also no secret that I LOVE the Balkan countries. They are cheap, barely touched by tourists, the food is good, and the people are friendly. Macedonia was no different to this. 

There are so many fountains all over this city...

This dish is called turli's a vegetable and meat stew. 

Mother Theresa Memorial House...

Millennium Cross at the top of Vodno Mountain...
Balkan countries always do amazing salads. I feel like these countries have the freshest vegetables in Europe...

A church in the middle of a village...

Matka Canyon...

Cocktail time...

Macedonia Square...

Drinking Rakija...never again. I could handle it in Turkey. I could handle it in Bulgaria. But not in this country.

A squat toilet in Europe!

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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Images of Istanbul ♥

I am back from Istanbul Turkey....well it's been like 5 weeks since I have returned to be honest. It has been a busy 5 weeks and I literally forgot to even publish this. But it's ready take a look at some of my snaps from Istanbul. 

Browsing around the Arasta Bazaar near the blue mosque. If you're looking for quiet and peaceful shopping then this is the place to go. 

Ayasofya is like an old church that has been turned in to a museum. I found it really interesting because you can see paintings of Jesus and Islamic art right next to it. So you can see two different religions displayed in this building. 

What is the number one food to try in Istanbul? Kebab of course! no not the doner kebab that you can find all over Europe. Try the other types of local kebab dishes (the one in this picture was called adana kofte) 

The infamous blue mosque. They will give you a headscarf and an appropriate "cover up" to wear for free. The outside was beautiful but the inside was disappointing because tourists only get to see one small empty area. 

Eminou pier is so beautiful, and I would definitely recommend it as a place to get some fresh air. Don't forget to try the fresh fish sandwich. You can see local old men fishing in front of you, and the stall will cook the fish in front of you. I heard some tourists speaking English and pounced on them with the "hey could you please take a photo for me?". 

So Turkish people are known for their hospitality. This restaurant gave me some free baklava after my meal. 

Posing outside Ayasofya. The colour of the building matches my dress!

A random photo of a shop selling Turkish delight. I brought back a box that tasted like a mix of coffee, nuts, and vanilla. 

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Monthly Goals: June

June is a perfect month to try and get things done. The sun has started come out and summer is on it's way. I want to change something in each area of my life, which is why I have created categories for my goals. It's easier to keep things simple and have one goal for each category. Lets be honest, nobody will ever stick to a huge list of goals.

My goal is to do a deep clean. My balcony is rarely used because obviously I live in a cold country. But it needs to be cleaned because the weather is getting warmer. A lot of places need a deep clean in my flat to be honest. 

Find a new job. I am planning to leave my job at the end of July because it is a temporary role, and there is no room for growth in the company. I am too hard working to stay in the same position for ever without any progression. I have spent the past week filling out some job applications and writing personal statements. It's so time consuming! 

This is a difficult one. I think my goal would have to be to NOT book any more flights this month. I don't think I should book any more flights until I have found a new job. 

Spend more time at the gym. I joined a couple of months ago but don't have a consistent schedule. It's very hard to find the time because I am working 6 days a week this month, and do long hours in my main job. 

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Monday, 28 May 2018

My Favourite Things About Spring ♥

The flowers come out. You can see pretty daisies and daffodils blooming in the grass. I have also started buying flowers weekly to put in my kitchen. 

The clothing choices become broad. It feels like the only things you can wear in winter are jumpers, coats, and jeans. To be honest...I started to get VERY bored of these clothes by the middle of December. Spring is great because it's warm enough to have such a wide selection of clothes. You can wear jumpers...dresses...skirts...t-shirts. 

I feel more motivated. I don't know what it is about Spring but it always makes me feel more motivated. This season tends to make me think about what I would like to do before the end of the year. 

It's British tax return season. What is not to love about receiving money back from the government? last year I used my tax return to take 2 nice Summer holidays. A week in Portugal and a few days in Amsterdam. This year I intend to be more wise with the money. 

Many TV shows start their new seasons. I have noticed that Spring is a prime time for television, and many of my favourite shows are starting new seasons/series. 

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Friday, 20 April 2018

Parading Around Prague ♥

I have just returned from a 3 day trip to Prague, Czech Republic. It was an interesting trip and did not turn out to be what I expected. I enjoyed the city but it did not "wow" me in the way that everybody describes. I guess it has become quite commercialised due to the rapid increase in tourism. Anyway...take a look at some photos from my trip. 

  Day 1
  Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge is one of the "must see" attractions in Prague. I came here on my first day. It is very crowded at all hours...even at 11pm.

  Czech Beer Museum
I also went to the Czech beer museum which was close to my hotel. It is very small with a few rooms to provide you with information on beer making. Then you go down to the bar and get to taste 4 beers (this is included in your ticket). I was a tad "intoxicated" after 2 beers and had to sit there for 40 minutes before finishing the others. 

Dinner at O'che's Bar
I have been curious about Goulash for a while. It definitely exceeded my expectations. It is like stewed beef with bread dumplings. Very very filling!

Day 2 
John Lennon Wall
After dealing with masses of crowds yesterday, I decided to start early on Day 2. I went to the John Lennon wall at 8.30am and it was empty. The wall is absolutely beautiful. 

Love locks
These cool love locks were on a little bridge next to the John Lennon wall. 

Prague Castle
This is the view from Prague Castle. I sat and watched the beautiful red rooftops for a long while. 

Day 3
This is a very quiet area of Prague. It is a fort that has churches, a graveyard, and many views. 

Smazeny syr (fried cheese)
Fried cheese is supposedly a local dish in Prague. It is actually very nice, and the potatoes balance out the rich cheesy flavour.  

Sitting outside a colourful church in Vysehrad. 

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Saturday, 31 March 2018

10 Things I Can't Live Without ♥

My UGG boots: Look...I really do not care if they are out of fashion. Those suckers are the only shoes that keep my feet warm in the winter.

Hand sanitiser: the thought of bacteria disturbs me...especially as a traveller. I know that it is lurking everywhere and always carry hand sanitiser. I also sanitise my tray table on the plane with anti bacterial wipes on every flight. 

Travel: I start to get withdrawal symptoms if I haven't travelled for more than 2 months. I could not live without travel it HAS to happen...even if it's a weekend city break. 

Winter: I like winter 10 times more than summer. I love the feeling of being cosy and sitting by a candle lit window. 

Seafood: you have probably noticed that most of my travel photo diaries contain seafood. We don't have fresh sea food in England (it is all imported and filled with chemicals/ pesticides) so I love to indulge in fish whenever I travel. 

My laptop: I don't have a TV in my flat and choose not to have one because I don't want to pay for a TV licence (we are the only country that has this bill). I tend to watch all my programmes online as a result of this. I also use it for travel research, online shopping, and to edit my travel vlogs. 

Silence: introverts need silence sometimes...or most of the time.

Eastenders: I have been watching this show since I was a child. 

Leopard print: I love leopard print. My bedroom is a mix of black, silver, purple, and leopard. That sounds so weird right? but trust me it looks good.  

Oil: this is one of the reasons why I love visiting Mediterranean bring back oil! I use olive oil for cooking, coconut oil and castor oil for my scalp. Tea tree oil whenever I have skin irritations. 

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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Observations From Stockholm ♥

So I have now visited 3 Scandinavian countries, and have different opinions on each. I hated Norway, I loved Denmark, and I loved Sweden. Sweden happens to be my most recent trip and I want to share some observations about the capital city of Stockholm.
Everyone is very attractive
Swedish people are so attractive! they have beautiful pixie shaped eyes and they are all so pretty. It doesn't matter how tall, short, thick, or thin they are. Even the old people are attractive! Slovenia is the only other country where I think at least 90% of the population are attractive.

They speak fluent English

Like the rest of Scandinavia, everybody in Sweden speaks fluent English. It is interesting when I listen to how perfect their accent is. They sound slightly American but they speak British English. I also find it fascinating how there are so many similarities between the Swedish and English. Like for example you can greet somebody with "hey" in both Swedish and English. There were so many words I read and understood because they were similar to English.

Many places don't accept cash

A lot of places in Stockholm do not accept cash and only accept card. It was annoying sometimes because I like to use cash when I travel abroad, in order to familiarise myself with the currency. It also helps me to avoid overspending because I can physically see how much is remaining.

They can handle the weather 

The Swedish can certainly handle subzero conditions. It was -9 degrees Celsius on my first day there. I saw people out jogging in leggings and long sleeved tops. I know that exercise warms you up but it was -9! the lakes had turned to ice and it was snowing.

It is very expensive 
The city is very expensive...just like the rest of Scandinavia. A pint of beer costs the equivalent of £10. A meal out for one will cost roughly £25-30, and that is just for a main course and drink. So yes it is very expensive but it could be worse. I found Norway to be a lot worse in terms of price.

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Postcards From Paris ♥

              Friday 23rd February 2018
I have just checked in to my airbnb. The guy seems very nice, a little shy and awkward like me. At least he is friendly unlike my previous host in Rome. In the morning I went to the famous Shakespeare bookstore, and then I went to citypharma to buy lots of beauty products. Can you believe that I spent twice the amount of money that I wanted to?. Oh well it's pay day on Monday. Right now I'm going to head off to the Arc de triomphe and Champs Elysees for some shopping. Paris is my favourite city...I forgot how much I actually missed it. 

I am back and had my evening shower. I am done with major shopping because I don't want to over spend. Guess what I had for dinner? my beloved "moules frites" (mussels and chips. The waiting staff in the restaurant were horrible but the food was nice. This has probably been my only experience of rudeness in Paris so far. 

I actually fantasize about marrying a French man. They are so lovely. One thing I've noticed is that they always hold the door open for women. They are also generally well mannered. I do have to say  that the metro in Paris is the filthiest that I have ever seen in Europe. You can literally see and smell the grime on the windows and floors.   
                 Saturday 24th February 2018
What a long day. I had a photoshoot today and can't wait to see the pictures. Today was more of a "go with the flow" kind of day. So I woke up at 6am because my airbnb host was moving things around. So I left the house at 9am and went to have a French breakfast. This included a croissant, orange juice, and a latte. Then it was time to head to the Louvre museum. It is a beautiful museum so I honestly dont know why I never visited it on my last trip. 

After that I went to eat a crepe. I'm worried that the egg wasn't cooked properly...French people seem to like raw things. Like they eat "beef tartare". So after the crepe I took an interesting metro journey to Galeries Lafayette. There was a drunk guy trying to hit on me. He had a bottle of whisky in his hand and was sipping from it. Everybody on the train was staring at him. So I can now assume that this kind of behaviour is not normal in French culture. 

I am on a mission to get some French knickers. Maybe that will be the main focus for tomorrow. It's strange how today turned out to be such a random day. I had plans to go to the Catacombs and Montparnasse tower but didn't. Oh well there will always be another time.  
                Sunday 25th February 2018
Started off the day with a visit to the Eiffel Tower. It was so cold today the temperature was -3 degrees Celsius!. After snapping a few photos it was time to have some French brunch. I had an omelette and a beer. Remember the comment that I made about raw eggs yesterday?. The omelette did taste a bit under cooked. Or maybe I just overcook my eggs (haha). 

After brunch it was time to head to Bastille market. The funny thing is that I went there 3 years ago and found it boring. But this time it was really cool. I got there late so I kind of had to rush, but it was still a way better experience than last time. Bought 5 pairs of lacy french knickers. Yes I'm sure they are crap market quality... but oh well. I also bought a key ring and some honey from the market. 

Time went really fast today in comparison to yesterday. It was 3pm By the time I finished at Bastille market. So I decided to take a trip down memory lane and visited "Italie Deux" shopping centre. I stayed 5 minutes away from there during my last visit. 

After this I went to get some dinner from a restaurant outside the shopping centre. Finally got to try some French onion soup. It was amazing and tasted 100 times better than I expected. I sat there and had 2 Monaco beers. It's my favourite French beer because it is sweet and syrupy. It was nice to sit there and take in the atmosphere of France for the last time. I will miss this city. 


Saturday, 3 February 2018

Travel Diary: A Day In Toulouse ♥

Satarday 27th January 2018
I'm waiting for my flight at Stansted airport. I am deciding to possibly give up alcohol and I am sat at my favourite cocktail bar. Usually I would get a glass of champagne before my flight, but today I decided to get a mocktail (non alcoholic cocktail). It has berries and mint which tastes quite refreshing. I can't wait to get to Toulouse and explore. 

I've just eaten Brunch in a french cafe which included a lot of food. A glass of orange juice, a cappuccino, carrot cake, pancakes, bruschetta, egg salad, and a salmon bagel. I am so stuffed and could not finish the pancakes :(. My impression of Toulouse so far is positive because I like the atmosphere. People are also friendlier than I know about the France stereotype right?. Speaking of people, my waiter is so gorgeous! I don't know what it is about French men that makes me weak. Anyway I think it is time to go and explore now because my time is limited. 

I am currently taking a relaxation break in a church. Prior to arriving, I took a trip to a violet themed boat shop. The purpleness reminded me of Marseille minus the hefty price tag. I bought myself a towel, and can't help thinking about how I should of bought it in Marseille because it was half the price. Oh well. I feel like Toulouse is generally expensive apart from transport. A day pass cost me 6 euros which is the cheapest I have seen in Western Europe so far. Anyway, so after the lavender shop I came to Basilique Saint-Sernin church. It is so peaceful and quiet in here which is nice. I am guessing that this church has some historical significance because there are sculptures and information plaques everywhere. But...they are only in French so I don't understand anything. I'm going to relax here for a while and then head off to a museum. 

I am now "reporting" from the airport. So I went to Musee des Augustins and it was really cool. They had some Roman things but yet again everything was in French. I guess that is not a bad thing because it means that tourism has not taken over Toulouse yet. A staff member told me off for using a selfie stick in the museum gardens. I could understand not using one inside but this was outside in a quiet area! So of course I did it again when the woman was gone. It was a beautiful garden and I needed at least 1 selfie to remember the trip. After that I wondered to the Pont Neuf bridge to explore and snap a photo. 

Anyway, I have enjoyed my day in Toulouse despite the rain and freezing cold. I personally don't think that any longer than a day is needed to explore this city. I am off to Paris next month so that will be a continuation of my France adventure. But for now I am going to enjoy my pasta and wait for the flight back to London. 

                                                                                            au revoir

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